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For quite some time my husband and I had been thinking of stopping our cable service due to the cost and poor customer service or lack of..... We also found the packages to be extremely expensive and not well put together for the client!!! We have purchased 2 of theses android boxes and couldn't be happier!!! Not only have we saved money, they are user friendly AND BEST PART - Customer Service is fantastic!!!! We are in the midst of purchasing another. I don't put my name very often behind people because of bad experiences in the past - I most definitely recommend this service!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING TRUE TO YOUR WORD AND PRODUCTS!!!!
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Robin Cameron-Millette
One World Streamer

Started as Kawartha Cut Your Cable in early 2013 and since then rebranded to One World Digital Solutions

We have been providing alternate cable solutions for over 8 years and will continue to help our customers save money on their cable bills every month. 

We are based out of Auckland, New Zealand and sell internationally as well. Our streaming devices can work anywhere in the world so if you travel a lot, this may be the solution for you. 

Founded by Chris Marshall, One World Digital is a small independent electronics supplier who deals in high end custom Android and Windows Powered HD Streaming devices, we strives to save our customers money and provide the highest quality streaming service!

Since day one, One World Digital has been the #1 innovator for android powered streaming devices – we were the first to release high quality aluminum devices on the market with high specs! 

We take pride in knowing when you get a system from One World Digital Solutions that you are getting the highest quality machines on the market and we personally guarantee it and couple that with an amazing support team and streaming community! 

Our Core values have always been Service, Product and People



Provide unforgettable service


With a cutting-edge product


Serviced by extraordinary people

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